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Leonard Martin Hughet is a fine art and commercial photographer living and working in The Bay Area.


I strive to create beautiful, arresting images, that are thoughtfully composed, colorful and spirited, and deliver a strong point of view. There is something unique and unexpected waiting to be discovered in every image I create. I strip away the extraneous and reveal the extraordinary. My most successful work reflects the best pairings of style, composition, content, imagination and technique.


Since 2014, my satisfied clients include restaurateurs, bar owners, interior designers, media producers, musicians and artists.  All seek to communicate their unique brands within the context of a single image. All depend on me for consistency in providing excellent results according to their specifications.  Their satisfaction (and repeat business) is one of my most valuable assets.


For the last several years I have been creating images and managing social media channels for businesses across the region. I have supported a consistent online presence for my clients and have ensured that content is aligned with messaging, branding, and current objectives.  This work has included handling extensive image libraries and liaising with PR firms and outside media outlets to provide content in the appropriate format.


Video produced by Rick Bacigalupi.

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I have exhibited with: 

  • Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR

  • COOPrider Studio, Guerneville, CA 

  • Hôtel Biron, San Francisco, CA 

  • Kitty Hawk Gallery, Sebastopol, CA

  • Mama De Luna Gallery, Crockett, CA

  • Raquel Amaral Gallery, Concord, CA

  • Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

  • Starbucks, San Francisco, CA 

  • Studio Blomster, Guerneville, CA  ​

I am a 2014 Sustainable San Mateo County photo contest winner.

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